Inherit The Earth - An interview with Talin

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Inherit The Earth is unquestionably one of the furriest games ever made. Despite being released over half a decade ago, it is a title still regularly discussed and treasured by many furry fans worldwide. Though originally conceived as a series of games, only the first title was ever made.

Set in the future, on an Earth seemingly abandoned by humans, it concerned a young fox named Rif, and his quest to clear his name, by finding a thief who has stolen the Orb of Storms. With the aid of two friends-to-be, a deeper conspiracy is unearthed and Rif's quest takes on a much greater urgency.

Inherit The Earth was a game that did not demand its players have lightning-fast reflexes. Released at a time when the adventure game genre was extremely popular, it led the player through a constantly evolving story-line, admist logical puzzle solving and interaction with the game's characters. There was also little violence to be seen, though one character does meet an untimely death. Playing Inherit The Earth is a very peaceful and enjoyable experience. Considering the wonderful talents of the game's voice actors, and the atmospheric musical score, it is easy to understand why.

However, Inherit The Earth left many players wanting. It ends with many plot cliff-hangers: the threat of a boar / wolf tribe alliance, and a potentially threatening message from the Orb of Storms being just two. The reason for the disappearance of the human race is also never explained.

It is very unlikely that an Inherit The Earth sequel will ever be made.
One of the key people developing Inherit The Earth was Talin. He not only directed the game, but also has design, concept, programming and background art credits listed against his name. The visitors of the (now closed) site "Furry Videogame Database" were given the chance to ask Talin many questions about Inherit The Earth's plot, development and his thoughts on the game. It is a very interesting and quite revealing read, and I'm sure if you love the game as much as I do, you won't hesitate in reading on.

Much appreciation and thanks deservedly goes to Talin for doing such a wonderful job answering these questions. I'd also like to thank the FVD visitors who submitted questions they wanted to ask - this includes Tabias, Shapco, Nitekat, Mohamed Hassoun and Jeremy Palmer.

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